He was about to propose to the girl of his dreams on Christmas Day when their relationship came to a sudden halt. Unwilling to accept this loss, he traveled across Asia to tell her she didn’t have to walk the path of life alone. The film opens with the couple’s chance meeting at a train station in Tokyo. After lamenting her sudden departure, the narrator resolves to reunite with his lost lover. The audience witnesses the depths of the man’s devotion as he travels to all of her former homes across China, stopping in each to propose to her. The video charts one man‘s journey across Asia in a testament of the love that one woman can evoke in one man. He ends the journey where it started, in Tokyo, where he makes one final proposal for his love to reunite with him on Valentine’s Day.


Keith Harris Keith Orlando Harris 何凯 何凯老师 何凯导演 8 Steps to I Love You 八步之遥我爱你 8 Steps 八步